Leo Flowers and Feraz Ozel discuss Trump’s claims regarding “locker room talk” and how it does not reflect the type of communication athletes and bros actually have in private. Leo shares a story about shaving his body in public, and Feraz lays out the logical fallacies plaguing the presidential debates as well as the discussions between people regarding politics.

*Note from Feraz:
A few people responded to my comments denouncing Trump’s “grab her by the pussy” remarks by bringing up Bill Clinton’s history of sexual assault. I’d like to share my response:

“Guys… A logical rebuttal for someone’s wrong doing isn’t “but the other person did bad stuff too!” Here’s a logical reply- I am aware that Hillary has qualities that are disgusting and condemn any links she may have to her husband’s inappropriate behavior towards women. Still, I find her a better fit for president for a million reasons realistically tied to the country’s improvement, and because I do not trust Donald’s judgement, intelligence, humanity, social views, and experience, and I’m very uncomfortable with what he represents to hate filled fringe groups throughout the U.S.
Let’s steer clear of logical fallacies in our discussion. Let’s not fall victim to the appeals to the emotion perpetuated by media on both sides. Admit faults within the candidate you like, but just say why you like him in spite of those faults. Because that’s all it comes down to. This tit for tat stuff is silly because all people that want to run the world are most likely pieces of shit in a number of ways. It’s just a matter of which turd we want to bet on. And you’re entitled to your opinion, but silly memes ain’t doing a thing other than demonstrating poor reasoning skills, and an inability to condemn the clearly inappropriate behavior of an unapologetic pervert. When you try to switch to Hillary it just makes it seem like you think what he did was ok. Which I doubt you do, because I know you are good people.
Most importantly, Not every post has to be a battle ground- sometimes I just want people to laugh at this sad circus.”

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