Leo Flowers returns from his world tour and discusses his travels and performance at Guantanamo. The INFOdels dive into the gun v. terrorism policy debate, discuss the greatness of Lebron James and Leo opens up about his fresh break up.

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One comment on “Lebron James. Guns v. Terrorism. Leo’s Break Up. #36

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  1. Ryan Wight Jul 3, 2016

    I love your podcast, but PLEASE please please increase the audio level that the podcast is output at. If I am at work, or there is any background noise, I can barely hear the podcast in my earbuds, compared to other podcasts I listen to. Otherwise, thank you for putting out an awesome, interesting show. I particularly like when you guys talk about how to increase your game with girls. I can definitely use some help there, and listen way more intensely at those parts lol

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