Comedians Feraz Ozel and Thomas Dale discuss the Netflix documentary Jim and Andy, which tells the story of Jim Carrey taking on the role of Andy Kaufman in MAN ON THE MOON. They also analyze the differences between manifesting and praying.
Comedians Thomas Dale and Feraz Ozel discuss the need to narrow the focus of your intentions, and what you want out of life. Then fire that shit at the universe with laser focus to bring you closer to what you want to be.
Comedians Feraz Ozel and Thomas Dale are joined by a bonafide professor of neuromarketing that breaks down how messages are received in your brain and how you're probably getting sold on ideas and brands in ways that you didn't even realize. And as usual, Thomas and Feraz argue and talk shit.
Comedians Thomas Dale and Feraz Ozel discuss Ex-Secretary of Being a Jack Ass Tom Price who used tax dollars to rack up $400k of traveling, and the NFL national anthem kneeling that has everybody so up in arms. Also, Justing Bieber looks very, curiously comfortable with is pastor. Tune in! NSFW (Explicit Content)
Comedians Thomas Dale and Feraz Ozel are joined by bio-hacking, tech-bro blogger Rand Owens who sheds like on the ins and outs of the Ketogenic diet, epigenetic info, and other reasons guilting people into trying the diet that works for you is probably not always a good idea. Tune in and Subscribe!
Comedians Feraz Ozel and Thomas Dale are joined by Helen Hong and discuss the state of protests in the country. Helen is a comedian and regular panelist on NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me Podcast. So naturally, the podcast hit big topical questions: Is Antifa responding appropriately to the Alt-Right threat, or are they out of hand and equally dangerous? Should all opinions be allowed in the U.S.A, or are some, such as Nazi racism so awful they shouldn't be given the same freedoms? What are the dangers of individuals assuming they hold the keys to upholding justice and morality, even if that means going above the law? In a very heated debate, these friends tackle the issues, play devil's advocate and try to figure out what the other stands for without killing each other. We also talk about Dublin's strange history regarding condoms, and sexuality.
Comedians Thomas Dale and Feraz Ozel discuss a range of issues, sexploits and The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell. What role does mythology still play in our divided country? What new myths or departures from existing ones could help us all grow as communities and individuals?
Comedians Thomas Dale and Feraz Ozel normally discuss things they learned every week. This time, they mainly talk shit to each other for an unusually long time and for a moment drop some knowledge on the way rhythms and music align the brain chemistry of everybody in close proximity to it.
Comedians Thomas Dale and Feraz Ozel discuss a new study demonstrating that people's brain waves being to directly mimic the brain waves of the people they are around the most. The whole "birds of a feather" thing goes much deeper than ya thought! Tune in and subscribe!
Comedians Thomas Dale and Feraz Ozel dive into the sexual fluidity of ancient Greece, and discuss a recent story about the previous USC Med School Dean Dr. Carmen A. Puliafito. Dr. Puliafito led a secret double life involving meth, heroin and on campus drug circles- he resigned in March 2016, 3 weeks after a 21 year old girl had a drug overdose in his hotel room. Shit's CRAZY! Tune in.
Comedians Thomas Dale and Feraz Ozel riff on all sorts of topics from how to make old people sexy, to Noam Chomsky's manufacturing consent, to Thomas's hypothesis that civilization is coming to an end in the next 20 years. Hope you packed some beans! Tune in.
Comedians Thomas Dale and Feraz Ozel discuss the way interior design effects people subconsciously, as well as "The Happy Chemicals," a book which lays out the role oxytocin and serotonin play in our behavioral choices. NSFW
Michael Blaustein joins this episode to discuss his favorite book of the year, "The Four Agreements." The INFOdels share a story about avoiding a fight with a junkie, and analyze the violent tendencies and baggage so many of us deal with getting rid of.
Comedians Thomas Dale and Feraz Ozel weigh in on Trump withdrawing from The Paris Climate Agreement, Kathy Griffin's ridiculous beheading photo, and shed light on the UAE plan to help colonize mars by 2117. Tune in!
NSFW. Comedians Thomas Dale and Feraz Ozel share epic tales from their recent weekends. One deals with a dude that insisted on involving Jordan shoes in every aspect of the hook up. The other deals with strippers, and mismanaging boner pills. It's a fun one- tune in and subscribe.
Comedians Thomas Dale and Feraz Ozel discuss the Mandela Effect, which is a new theory involving the way millions of people have incorrect memories of past occurrences. Do people just suck at admitting they have shitty memories... or have we all jumped into a parallel universe that is subtly different than our original one? Tune in and subscribe.
Comedians Thomas Dale and Feraz Ozel discuss the Facebook Killer, North Korea, and Elon Musk's new company Neuralink, which hopes to create meaningful interface between your brain and machines by injecting a synthetic neural mesh above your cortex- straight sci-fi shit dude. Tune in and subscribe!
Comedians Feraz Ozel and Thomas Dale discuss the United airlines incident where a passenger got dragged off a flight, and the need to stop corporate greed from pushing customers into these unacceptable situations. They also go over a new study which demonstrates how audiences are effected by an artist's image,... and Thomas lays out the 411 on street value of your straight male penis.
Comedians Thomas Dale and Feraz Ozel discuss how they get excited about their days, astrology, and why people need to win gracefully in the world of highly polarized politics because we need each other to move society forward in the best way.
Comedians Thomas Dale and Feraz Ozel discuss some science and shit- from photons traveling to Earth to what is the actual make up of a minute of time. But first, they share a war story about trying to return a pair of sweat pants at and H&M. Also, side note, Thomas was farting through this whole episode... so I'm telling all of you as payback for making me smell that shit for a half hour. ENJOY!
Comedian Thomas Dale and Feraz Ozel discuss Thomas's hypochondria, a new trend in Chinese cosmetic surgery to make women look like Ivanka Trump, and the effect that ethnically homogenous sex symbols and Disney princesses can have on one's psyche.
Comedians Thomas Dale and Feraz Ozel discuss the boycotting of Beauty and the Beast over the gay character, the philosophies of Jordan shoe designer Tinker Hatfield, and if violence is ever necessary for justice or social change.
This is the first episode of INFOdels Volume 2 with our new co-host Thomas Dale! Thomas has had numerous television appearances from Chelsea Lately to The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to various Comedy Central shows, and more importantly he is one of the most unique voices in comedy. In this episode we dive into discussions from gender boundaries, to the power of ideas, to why straight dudes suck the best dick... In this episode we dive into the "The Spectacle" that is Thomas Dale.
This is Leo Flowers last episode as the cohost of INFOdels podcast. The discussion covers recent Netflix special reviews, arranged marriages vs romantic ones and striving to move people in all your endeavors.
Leo Flowers shares the story of how he got mercilessly ridiculed for posting a pic of himself riding an elephant in Thailand. Feraz lays out the timeline for the robot takeover schedule to start by 2045. Leo dishes sleeping tips and discusses parenting for greatness.
Comedians Byron Bowers and Jay Montepare join the INFOdels for a hilarious and informative discussion about life in comedy, bad romances and the current socio political climate. *Announcement: Feraz Ozel's debut stand up album CHILLENNIAL is now available in the iTunes store! Show some love and go swoop it up. Cool? Please? Sweet!
Comedians Leo Flowers and Feraz Ozel discuss the how to score a soundtrack to your hook up, and the a recent youtube rabbit hole of badass ladies beating dudes' asses, and Feraz shares the tale of his recent love story. Also, since this was recorded in Nov, we provide our post election analysis of America and Trump, and don't worry it isn't dark and negative like your Facebook feed, and it's only 15 mins of the show. As usual we keep it fun, unique and informative. Tune in and subscribe
The INFOdels discuss trending health supplements, specifically stuff involving beets and moringa. They also discuss stoicism and it's aspects that we can easily integrate into our daily lives. The podcast also has the usual fun anecdotes, party stories and hook up tales. INFOdels's like if NPR got laid.
Comedian Brian Simpson joins the INFOdels for a hilarious episode. We discuss the awkwardness short dudes face while dating tall girls, surrogate mothers, running into your ex and the need to RESIST the urge to start boning again- it's a trap! Leo breaks down the book "Love Warrior," makes his case for avoiding marriage stating: Men Die Younger in Captivity. INFOdels ...It's like, if NPR got laid.
International headliner Tom Rhodes has been in the bizz for 30 years. He's done it all from Comedy Central specials to appearing on the most popular podcasts around (including Joe Rogan's and WTF w/ Marc Maron) to putting out Netflix comedy specials. Here, he joins the INFOdels to discuss his journey through comedy, the ups and downs of the entertainment bizz and the lessons he's learned along the way.
The INFOdels are joined by comedian and actor Jay Montepare. He shares his tales of almost getting expelled from college because of his first stand up set, running an Air BnB business, and confronting his issues of codependency. We barely scratched the surface with Jay, and look forward to having him back soon! You will love this episode. Tune in and Subscribe.
The INFOdels discuss when a body is truly dead, interesting anecdotes such as one in which a man received a heart transplant from a serial killer and went nuts, and finding from a book called the "Math of Love," which gives some stats and figures behind finding "the one."
On this episode we discuss the way technology is changing the way we view war... like literally they've been FB live streaming battles from Syria and people are commenting! Emoji's have never looked so awkward! We then dive into an array of topics from veteran divorce rates sky rocketing, to the difference between rest and relief, to that time I put VR goggles on my buddy and switched from a video game to a porno... in which he was the girl- maybe technological advancement has its perks after all.
On this episode the INFOdels discuss how private school kids have way better drugs, how they need to use a virtual assistant to satisfy the boyfriend busy work like sending flowers and emoji texts, as well as tales from Pakistan and the nature of the gridlocked wars in the middle east. Feraz also gets nostalgic and wonders if love can ever be as good as it was in one's first relationships.
The INFOdels discuss obesegens which may be a key ingredient in America's increasing obesity epidemic... and the massive increase in average titty size. They also discuss the best time to workout, the way more immigrants are millionaires in this country than homegrown Americans, BPA's and why Tim Ferris blocked Feraz on Twitter. INFOdels ...It's like... if NPR got laid.
In this episode the INFOdels come up with theories about where slang came from and discuss social currency. What is it that makes you valuable as a person? What do you bring to the table in any social situation? We need to know what our social "currency" is to learn new ways to optimize our lives. Leo and Feraz weigh in on the VP debates (because we taped this two weeks ago, BUT it's still relevant, especially after last night's presidential debates!). Feraz lays out a formal hypothesis, backed by statistics, that police shootings may have as much to do with poverty and socioeconomic status as they do with race, and the figures will astound you.
Leo Flowers and Feraz Ozel discuss Trump's claims regarding "locker room talk" and how it does not reflect the type of communication athletes and bros actually have in private. Leo shares a story about shaving his body in public, and Feraz lays out the logical fallacies plaguing the presidential debates as well as the discussions between people regarding politics. *Note from Feraz: A few people responded to my comments denouncing Trump's "grab her by the pussy" remarks by bringing up Bill Clinton's history of sexual assault. I'd like to share my response: "Guys... A logical rebuttal for someone's wrong doing isn't "but the other person did bad stuff too!" Here's a logical reply- I am aware that Hillary has qualities that are disgusting and condemn any links she may have to her husband's inappropriate behavior towards women. Still, I find her a better fit for president for a million reasons realistically tied to the country's improvement, and because I do not trust Donald's judgement, intelligence, humanity, social views, and experience, and I'm very uncomfortable with what he represents to hate filled fringe groups throughout the U.S. Let's steer clear of logical fallacies in our discussion. Let's not fall victim to the appeals to the emotion perpetuated by media on both sides. Admit faults within the candidate you like, but just say why you like him in spite of those faults. Because that's all it comes down to. This tit for tat stuff is silly because all people that want to run the world are most likely pieces of shit in a number of ways. It's just a matter of which turd we want to bet on. And you're entitled to your opinion, but silly memes ain't doing a thing other than demonstrating poor reasoning skills, and an inability to condemn the clearly inappropriate behavior of an unapologetic pervert. When you try to switch to Hillary it just makes it seem like you think what he did was ok. Which I doubt you do, because I know you are good people. Most importantly, Not every post has to be a battle ground- sometimes I just want people to laugh at this sad circus."
In this episode, Leo Flowers and Feraz Ozel discuss the percentage of Americans that believe in ridiculous conspiracy theories from Big Foot to new world order lizard people and contrast that with other statistics to reveal insights into American society. Leo recounts his story of seeing a dog attack and dishes some advice on savings and investments.
Comedians Leo Flowers and Feraz Ozel talk about the recent Grateful Dead documentary, the fact that nobody can name over 2 people that walked on the moon, overcoming addiction and the need to enjoy the journey rather than the destination... and nostalgia pussy, can't forget that nostalgia pussy. Tune in to find out what the hell this all means!
INFOdels Leo Flowers and Feraz Ozel discuss protests, from Kaepernick to other things that make you and your friends change your profile pic! Leo shares a story about stealing a co-worker's lunch and getting caught. We analyze the way people react to protest bandwagoning, often losing sight of the benefits of the cause itself.
INFOdels Feraz Ozel and Leo Flower share stories from Burning Man, and argue about how normal it is for young men to name their dicks. They then put the intellectual caps on, diving deep into to the the topic of power as they discuss how to obtain it, keep it and use it in relation to feeling fulfilled.
Troy Conrad is a comedian, the co-creator of Set-List, which became a TV series in England, and a photographer whose work lines the main room lobby at The Comedy Store in Hollywood. He shares his past, his desires to explore the unknown and his unrelenting need to pursue his passions. We discuss the importance of embracing failure and growing from it, as well as the importance of going after your visions and ideas.
The INFOdels discuss narrowing your focus and goals to define how you want to affect people. Pursuing art for the sake of art. You never know, you could be a nobody your whole life, but pull a Van Gogh and be famous after death. They examine the way wealthy people invest in things they actually care about, where as lower income people generally don't believe in their ability to control enough to make such type of moves. The INFOdels believe you can control your story, and what type of character you are. If stuff isn't going how you want it to, then change your fucking narrative! Tune in and subscribe.
Leo Flowers and Feraz Ozel discuss how to break up with someone, as they juxtapose firing tips from a business coach with the moves one can make to let their partner go from the relationship. They also dive into Leo's recent Wholefoods hook up, and statistics revealing when dudes avoid using condoms. Subscribe!
Marketing strategist Cathey Armillas has written books, given Ted Talks, and is flown all over the world by huge companies to coach their teams on marketing, and getting people to love them. Now, she joins the INFOdels to discuss the overlap between marketing, relationships, and the power of authenticity.
Leo discusses the responses he got from opening Tinder chats with "When's the last time you cried?" And the results are surprising, hilarious, and... kinda awkward. The INFOdels discuss the need for vulnerability and authenticity in dating game, art, writing and life.
Comedians Leo Flowers and Feraz Ozel discuss binge eating, the potential for Pokemon Go to be natural selection 2.0, and Tony Robbins followers that burned their feet on coal because they were too busy taking selfies. Tune in.
Nick Guerra, who recently performed on The Tonight Show and Last Comic Standing joins the INFOdels to discuss the Black Lives Matter issues, how to avoid getting burnt out, and Leo's recent Tinder tales. Tune in!
Diaz Mackie is a hilarious comedian that graces this episode with his misadventures of comedy, cocaine, nudist colony performances, and other stuff you just gotta hear. We then weigh in on the horrendous murder of Alton Sterling, and Leo explains how we could get rid of the people being "trigger-happy" if people just learned to trigger "happy." Tune in and subscribe!
Gary Cannon is one of top audience warm up comics in the business. He currently works as the regular warm up guy for for Conan, and Ken Jeong's new sitcom. Here, he sheds lights on the ins and outs of that side of the business and shares personal experiences. Mid way through the episode he needs to jet off to work, Conan's live taping. So, Leo and Feraz catch up on Leo's new single life, and discuss what post-break-up phase he's in.
Leo Flowers returns from his world tour and discusses his travels and performance at Guantanamo. The INFOdels dive into the gun v. terrorism policy debate, discuss the greatness of Lebron James and Leo opens up about his fresh break up.
Allan Havey is a highly respected comedian and actor that's been in the game for over 35 years. He's done it all from 10 appearance on The David Letterman Show, to playing TV's most hated boss "Lou Avery" on the hit series Mad Men. Here, he joins the INFOdels to discuss fostering mental peace through meditation, gun issues and violence in America, and teach us a few lessons about comedy history.
Comedian Chinedu Unaka has toured all over the world and now joins the INFOdels to discuss what constitutes emotional cheating, when someone thinks they're an alpha but really just comes off like a d-bag, and a bunch of other fun stuff. Tune in and subscribe!
Sammy Obeid has been on Conan, Last Comic Standing, and America's Got Talent. Now, he joins the INFOdels for a discussion about his TV experiences, traveling to hundreds of cities a year for stand up and examining our nation's political circus.
Comedian Tre Stewart is young, insightful and hilarious, but infamous around the LA comedy scene for getting fired from the Comedy Store for sneaking off on his shift to get a BJ from an audience member. Need I say more? Fine- We discuss our love for Asian women, growing issues of pollution in developing countries, the fake outrage about trans bathroom needs, and Tre's BJ story of course. This is a FUN ONE!
Comedian, and director Aristotle Athiras drops in to join this INFOdels chat which ranges from analyzing why all the Biggest Loser's former stars gaining all their weight back, to whether or not the country really needs a Bernie sized overhaul.
Comedian Candice Thompson is a paid regular at the Comedy Store, and has a new VH1 show coming soon. Here, she joins the INFOdels to discuss dating a narcissist, genetically modified goat-spiders, and the issue of equal pay for women. Tune in and subscribe!
Comedian Chris Porter has been on Last Comic Standing, and has a hilarious Netflix Special titled "Ugly and Angry." Here, he joins the INFOdels as they discuss Feraz's Coachella tales, Leo's disdain for juice cleanses and Chris's experiences with his Netflix special.
Comedian Owen Smith has written for the Arsenio Hall show, Deon Cole, Chris Rock's Everybody Hates Chris and many other programs. Here, he joins the INFOdels to discuss his new hour stand up special, the benefits of going Vegan, the ups and downs of boners (see what I did there?...), and the pros and cons of Harriet Tubman on the $20. Tune in and subscribe!
Comedian Ocean Glapion joins the INFOdels to discuss Kobe's retirement, Allen Iverson, Stephen Hawking's plans for interstellar travel, and the pros and cons of religion.
Leo Flowers and Feraz Ozel discuss an array of topics including the difficulty of picking ethically sound food options, Bill Maher's misguided critique of Islam, ways to be your own superhero, and world peace.
The INFOdels discuss gene therapy and the future of designer babies, how wolves became dogs, and European grocery stores feeding the homeless. They are joined by Pete Giovine, who tours with Nick Swardson, hosts Beacher's Madhouse, and has been the hype man for top dj's from Hardwell to Tiesto.
Leo and Feraz are joined by Adrian Hall, a professional marriage and family therapist. This one goes deep with classic, and unique relationship issues we've all dealt with. You know you've thought about therapy- how about you start with this episode. INFOdels got you covered!
Annie Lederman's been on Chelsea Lately, Girl Code and a ton of other shit. Now, she joins the INFOdels to swap crazy stories about the past, present and plausible future. It's a fun one, I promise. Tune in and SUBSCRIBE! [audio mp3=""][/audio]
Comedians and info junkies Leo Flowers and Feraz Ozel are joined by pharmacist/Feraz's roommate Bijan SabourI, and discuss pharmaceutical drug abuse, Martin Shkreli, that fake doctor teen Malachi Love-Robinson, and the best hip hop diss tracks of all time. Tune in and subscribe!
The Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj joins Leo Flowers and Feraz Ozel for a conversation about authenticity, getting to the next level by knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and whether the FBI should have the right to get into your iPhone. Tune in and subscribe!
Comedians and info junkies Feraz Ozel and Leo Flowers are joined by Feraz's childhood bff, Navvab, who's also a philosophy PHD candidate. The conversation goes from bullying remorse to deep philosophical questions about life, happiness... and getting laid.
Stevie Blue Eyes has been on The Joe Rogan Experience and The Fighter and The Kid. Now he joins comedians Feraz Ozel and Leo Flowers to take us through his life story, which is stranger than fiction. Going from a drug selling millionaire to a fitness supplement king to a federal inmate, Stevie never lost his sense of humor... or his abs. Tune in and subscribe now!
Black Panthers and Beyonce, fixing patellar tendonitis and plantar fasciitis, gym observations of international headliner Ahmed Ahmed, and porn's effects on one's pscyhe- what do they all have in common? They're discussed on this episode that exemplifies why INFOdels is a podcast like no other. Subscribe!
Cam Newton had a rough Superbowl, maybe you did too if you bet on him. Let comedians Feraz Ozel and Leo Flowers cheer you up with a fascinating conversation about meditation, orgasms, fighting depression and destructive habits, and of course football.
Comedians Leo Flowers and Feraz Ozel discuss ghost hunting, ways to maintain loyalty in a relationship, and how therapists use handwriting analysis to determine your mental state from your signature.
Comedians, and info junkies, Leo Flowers and Feraz Ozel dive into their personal training backgrounds to discuss the pros and myths of stretching. The convo then jumps around from the essence of art, likeable bragging, love and trust.[audio mp3=""][/audio]
Comedians Feraz Ozel and Leo Flowers discuss monogamy, the pollution problem in china, and testosterone supplements that made Feraz grow a titty once. Tune in and subscribe!
[audio mp3=""][/audio] Comedians Feraz Ozel and Leo Flowers discuss the need for diversity in Hollywood, and SO many other topics I can't even begin to summarize that shit. Just tune in and subscribe.
Leo's last Uber ride was definitely worse than yours. He and Feraz discuss the need for having a supportive team around you, aka a "tribe," and weigh in on Ido Portal and his movement training for mma fighters.
Comedians Feraz Ozel and Leo Flowers discuss what it takes to be truly great at something, how to make relationships keep that special flavor, and looking inwards for happiness and purpose. Shit gets deep, but don't worry, it's a fun ride. Tune in and subscribe!
Feraz discusses his appearance in a viral video that revealed his petite glutes. The convo then speeds through Leo's cameo in a porno,relationships, and even a book review about a concentration camp survivor in "Man's Search for Meaning."
Comedians and info junkies Feraz Ozel and Leo Flowers dropping some knowledge and inspiration on this one. Join this talk that goes from the tale of Sylvester Stallone, to the Jedi tricks of neuroilinguistic programming.
Somehow this week's convo goes from Tinder to gun control, and ends with some tranquil keys to happiness. Join comedians Leo Flowers and Feraz Ozel for this one of a kind discussion.
Two stand up comedians would often compete to see who was the bigger information junkie. Who learned the more interesting thing that week from watching some documentary, or reading something, or chatting up an Uber driver? Soon, it stopped being a competition and just became fascinating dialogue. They thought, “maybe other people would find these conversations interesting to listen to, laugh a little and learn something cool along the way.” So, Leo Flowers and Feraz Ozel dubbed themselves INFOdels and jumped into the podcast game.